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Using cyber security is an essential part of protecting a business from threats and breaches. It provides an organization with the right software and tools to counter cyber attacks. A comprehensive and properly implemented cyber security strategy can help in significant reduction of cyber related threats. Protecting data is also a major concern for enterprises if involved in Digital Marketing Activities. Data breach tracking services have documented hundreds of data breaches, with over 5 billion accounts reported as of mid-2018. As a result, organizations need to constantly update their tools and strategies.

Government  based organizations



Government organizations has taken incharge and adopted techniques like MITRE Adversarial Tactics and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) to detect and defend adversaries and attacks. Different government agencies are  undergoing a major overhaul of its cyber defense mission. The agency’s cyber security mission is now being coordinated under a new directorate. This new directorate emphasizes integration, outcomes, and customer focus. The new focus will help the agency deliver unclassified solutions and timely insights.




Firewalls are a vital part of any cyber security strategy. They are used in both consumer and corporate environments to protect against electronic threats. Today’s firewalls incorporate SIEM (security information and event management) and network segmentation strategies. In addition to preventing network attacks, firewalls also perform important logging functions and record events. They also need to be updated frequently to keep up with emerging threats.

Firewalls also need to be used in conjunction with an antivirus and anti-malware suite to protect against a wide range of threats. A firewall can perform a variety of network-level functions, including Network Address Translation (NAT). This function enables an organization to hide its IP addresses from hackers and malware. Additionally, it helps maintain a limited number of IPv4 addresses for the network, and it can mask the IP addresses of protected devices.  For a virtual private network (VPN) that extends to a public network can be configured to a firewall for extra support. These networks are usually encrypted and can be used to send and receive data safely.

End-user education



End-user education is an affordable way to improve your cybersecurity program. You can conduct the training online or hold a private event to target your company’s specific concerns and vulnerabilities. The training should be delivered in a way that everyone can understand, and it should also be interesting and fun. You don’t want to bore your staff with a lengthy course that focuses on technical jargon and terms.

The goal of end-user education is to build employee awareness and security, and equip them with the tools they need to defend their organization’s information. It also helps them recognize common threats and how to respond to security incidents. Considering that many cyber attackers use employees as entry points, the more employees understand and respect cybersecurity, the more they can protect their organization’s information and assets.

Data security



Data security and cyber security are interrelated fields that focus on protecting digital information. They help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data, technologies, and storage sources.  These fields protect information against unauthorized access and theft. Despite the similarities between the two, cyber security and data security require different approaches. These areas are becoming more interconnected and are important components of Information Security, which is a larger field.

Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data is enabled through implementation of data security measures. Today, most business data is stored electronically on servers and laptops. In the past, data was stored physically in cabinets. Although this method is not recommended, some data may still be stored in a physical form.

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